Hens Party Boat Cruise Melbourne

Updated: May 2

We have organised many successful Hen's party boat cruisers. Voodoo is equipped with high fidelity sound system and all the comforts of a small apartment. Catering services have been very popular and most of our guests BYO. A typical outing is four hours. Our hen's party cruise departs from Docklands and we cruise into the bay. We anchor of a nice spot and food and drinks are served.

There is nothing more enjoyable than a hens party with a nautical theme. Everyone enjoys dressing in costumes and playing games related to the overall theme. When added to an amazing boat cruise, you’ve got the recipe for the best hens night ever. When choosing a theme for a hens party cruise, it is important to stay within the realm of pop culture. Straying into lesser known areas can weaken the excitement that usually surrounds such parties. When in doubt, you can always simply ask each guest to come dressed in a costume. While this isn’t a coherent theme, costumes can still help to increase the enjoyment of the boat cruise.



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